Repairs Service

At Peters, we have been repairing shoes for 40 years using the best traditional methods.
Below is a list of services which we currently offer. If there is something that is not on the list, please get in touch
and we can do our best to help you!
Bring your pair along to our store or if that's not suitable for you, why not try our new Postal service and send them to us!

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Heel Replacement

Replacment heels for leather soles.

Sole Replacement

Replacement Soles for leather and rubber based shoes.

Shoe Alterations

Custom alterations for boots and shoes.

Upper Repair

Leather upper repairs.

Shoe Dyeing

Shoe dying for the individual looking for something unique.

Shoe Stretching

For tight fitting shoes to provide some relief.

Heel and Toe Pieces

Replacement heel and toe pieces for heels.


Repairs for ladies Stilettos.