About Us

Peters Shoes was established all the way back in 1980 by Peter Bullock. Over the 40-year history of the business, there have been many amazing events and developments that have shaped Peters to what we are today. For your viewing pleasure, see some of our highlights and where it all started below!


A love is born.

It all starts here when, at the age of 12, Peter accepted a part-time apprenticeship with a Hungarian-born master shoemaker in the rural village of Dinnington, South Yorkshire. He mastered his craft over the coming years following the age old tradition of passing down skills from the craftsman to the apprentice.


Peter Sets up Shop.

Following the retirement of Peter's mentor, he began to work for a corperate Shoe Repair and Retail business managing shops in Lincoln, Doncaster and Rotherham. After a while, he realised that he did not want to spend his life 'cutting keys and engraving metal work' so he decided to set up shop on his own, thus Peters is Born.


Business Person of the year.

Peter Recieving the Business Person of the Year Award at the North Derbyshire Training and Enterprise Awards.


Going Gold for Jess Ennis.

Peter attended the Welcome Home event for Jess Ennis after her triumphant medal wins at the olympics to present her with her own custom made pair of golden shoes. He had no way of knowing her size, but used his years of experience to make the correct fit! Well done Jess.


Vicky Mclure Stops by.

Vicky Mclure, best known for her role in the BBC One Series Line of Duty, is the proud owner of her first pair of Peters Shoes.


Peters Poppy Appeal.

Peter got the community together to knit poppies for the beuatiful display which raised over £9000!


Retailer of the year.

Peters Shoes was awarded the Fashion and Footwear Retailer of the Year at the Chesterfield Retail Awards 2016.


Peter on the Box.

Peters Shoes featured on the critically acclaimed documentary, Our Lives: Soul Boy on BBC One.