Peters Skip-A-Thon JOIN IN

As part of our national campaign to raise funds for Marie Curie during these difficult times, we are launching an event to take place from today over the next week. 

Peters SKIP-A-THON is a challenge for all boxers to get involved in! We are asking any boxers or good skippers, to make a short video of them selves skipping for 5 minutes for the charity.


The Video:

When you start your video, please say words similar to: “[insert name] skipping for Marie Curies Skip-a-thon by Peters Shoes” then proceed to skip for approximately 5 minutes.


When you have completed your video, please upload it to any social media accounts you have especially Facebook. You can then tag our page “Fine Shoes by Peter Bullock” in your post so we can find your video. Failing this, you can send the video to the page directly via a message or email us at contact@peters.shoes

We are asking everybody who takes part to make a contribution to the cause even if it’s just £1 that would be amazing for them. You can donate at this link:

Donate Here

It would be ideal if you could put the donation link in your Facebook post as well to encourage your followers and friends to contribute to the cause if they wish.

if you have any more questions, please just get in touch with us at contact@peters.shoes or give us a call on 01159 587363

Thankyou all, lets bring the fight to cancer!